Groupee Group Assignee


This is the Groupee plugin for Atlassian JIRA. It lets you assign your tickets from your groups with different strategies.

Configuring Groupee Group Assignee Custom Field

  • After selecting Group Assignee Custom Field above, just click next and give a name to your group assignee field. When you create your custom field you will this screen:

  • From this screen, you can set a default value to your field. This will let you automatically set someone from your selected group who will be the assignee of newly created tickets. From custom field screens, if you remove this field from the edit screen you can restrict users to edit group value and you’ll be sure on every update the assignee will be selected from the default group.

  • There is also the Edit Group Assignee Field link. By clicking this link, you can select your assignment strategy. There are four strategies and the default one is Random strategy. If you’re using the Round Robin strategy, it will keep its queue among the selected group and custom field. This means you can create multiple custom fields to keep different round-robin queues for the same group. And you have two more strategy options to assign the “Least Issue Assigned“ user and “Least Remaining Estimate“ user.

  • The last thing about this how it is working? It’ll work whenever you set a new group to the Groupee Group assignee field or when you click the Update Assignee link from the issue.

  • If you want to trigger ‘Update Assignee' functionality on transition, you may use Groupee’s Groupee Assign On Transition post function.